Pool Pumps

A pool pump is a very important piece of equipment that keeps your pool in good health all year long. A pool pump ensures easy flow of water through the filter and chlorinator to the pool and back again. Without a functioning pool pump your pool may turn green in a matter of days.

When choosing a pool pump you need to check what size pool pump is required for the amount of water you have. Generally, the larger the pool the greater horsepower pool pump you will need. You will also need to consider what type of equipment you have attached to your pool, for example, do you have a spa in your pool, water features, an automatic pool cleaner, or solar heater? All of which could impact on what size pump you require. Once you know what size pool pump you need, you will then need to determine what brand is going to perform most efficiently and cost effectively for you.

What else are you looking for in your pool pump? Are you looking for a variable speed pump that is more energy efficient, are you looking for a pump to cater for tropical climates? Maybe a pump that is durable where you will get maximum life out of it? Well, look no further than Cozy Pool Shop.

So, what brand pool pump do you choose? It can sometimes be very challenging when choosing the right brand pool pump as there are so many different brands on the market, from Zodiac, Pentair, Onga, Astral, Reltech, Davey, and more just to list a few. All pool pump brands have varying pumps and varying sizes to suit your pool. Lucky for Cozy Pool Shop, we also have a wide range of pumps available to cater for your personal preference and requirements. Our options will help make it easier for you to replace your existing pump, claim a replacement on your insurance for motor burnout, or choose a more efficient option.

Stuck and not sure which way to go? Need help with claiming motor burnout of your pump under your insurance policy? Contact our team of experts here at Cozy Pool Shop to help you.